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What is brain surgery?

Surgery of the Brain is one of the most specialized and delicate branches in the field of medicine. Because of advances in the instrumentation better-developed infrastructure, it is quite safe and has excellent results. These surgical procedures are no more prolong operations and now we have far better anesthetic agents available. Brain tumor means growth in the Brain or in the cranial compartment. These tumors can be completely excised. These tumors can occur in any part of the Brain and surgeon can reach to all these tumors for its excision.

The blood clots can occur in the Brain and it requires immediate removal or evacuation by surgery which can be done on an emergency basis. The water content in the Brain can increase because of various reasons and shunt procedures are routinely done to overcome this problem especially in children. Some children are born with abnormalities of head and Brain, there are many corrective procedures which are necessary at that early age for child’s normal growth.

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The stereotactic procedures now are routinely performed, especially for small lesions of the Brain. The incision is very small and sometimes these procedures are done under local anesthesia. In the case of head injuries, surgery is needed if there is a fractured skull, blood clot in and around the brain. Recovery from anesthesia is almost immediate, patients can eat and drink within a few hours after surgery. After brain surgery, the person needs a short stay in the hospital and within a few weeks can resume their job.